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Derma Techno Pakistan advanced formula to reduce dry skin. It helps to hydrate the skin. The lotion is for surface and deep moisturizing effect.How to Apply:Cuta-Wet is only used topically. Apply a thin film of Cuta-Wet to the effected areas 2 or 3times daily. Massage gently...
Rs 257.00
Brand: DERMA TECHNO PAKISTAN Model: Neuage Face Wash
The # 1 Dermatologist recommended Acne Cleanser combines the powerful Acne Treatment and Cleanser in 1 Formula to treat and help prevent breakouts in 1 simple step. It eliminate oil and unclogs pores while its medicine treats breakouts even blackheads. Effectively yet gentle. It will not over dry or..
Rs 635.00
Brand: DERMA TECHNO PAKISTAN Model: Moisturizing Milk
Whitening Body Milk is the ultimate formulation that provides triple action on skin Moisturizing, Whitening & Brightening with the help of a comnination of Plant Derived active ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin to provide enduring action.How to apply :Apply liberally all over the bod..
Rs 1,245.00
Brand: DERMA TECHNO PAKISTAN Model: Sebum Control
Neuage Sun Screen is the advanced combination of broad spectrum protection with SPF-40+ Plus powerful anti oxident, restores optimal moisture levels, reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Features incrediby fast absorbing lightweight & non greasy texture. Idea for very sensitive skin ( sun protect..
Rs 1,380.00
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