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Derma Techno Pakistan presents a best acne cream to remove your acne. It has active ingredients like Retinyl Palmitate and Zinc Acetate.How to Use:Apply Acne Wash Cream to acne Pimples twice daily after cleansing the affected area with Acne Wash Soap...
Rs 218.00
Brand: DERMA TECHNO PAKISTAN Model: Acne Wash Soap
Acne Wash is a soap free from detergent base. Acne Wash effective cleanser that helps in cleansing the skin gently and thoroughly without over drying and irritation. It also removes excess sebum and bacteria due to its highly cleansing power.Direction for Use:Using luke warm water, wash the face or ..
Rs 165.00
Brand: DERMA TECHNO PAKISTAN Model: Baby Aid Bar
Baby Aid Bar has a formula so pure, so gentle, it wont dry your baby's skin. That is because it combines natural moisturizers and mild ingredients. It actually leaves softer and smoother skin.Natural Moisturizer Gentle SoapGentle on Sensitive SkinWont Dry SkinNo IrritationSofter Skin..
Rs 98.00
Brand: DERMA TECHNO PAKISTAN Model: Cilix Cream
Cilix Vitamin C Cream improves skin circulation, clarity in tone and texture of skin. Stimulates production of collegen and elastin. Neutralizes sun and environmental damage.How to Apply:After cleansing the skin apply sufficient quantity of Cilix to the desired area once or twice a daily. Regular us..
Rs 425.00
Derma Techno Pakistan advanced formula to reduce dry skin. It helps to hydrate the skin. The lotion is for surface and deep moisturizing effect.How to Apply:Cuta-Wet is only used topically. Apply a thin film of Cuta-Wet to the effected areas 2 or 3times daily. Massage gently...
Rs 257.00
CUTIPRO a soothing and protective cream for rash, heat rash, chafing between two surfaces in children and adults.How to Apply:Apply to affected skin only. Do not use normal soap as it may irritate. Use baby aid bar only. After each cleaning or bath, and after each change of diaper, apply a thin laye..
Rs 245.00
Brand: DERMA TECHNO PAKISTAN Model: Derma Care Soap
Derma Care Bar is a pure bar for delicate and sensitive skin. Formulated and recommended for adults and infant use.Derma Care Bar is germicidal and best suited for skin at risk with ordinary soap. Create the most effective care routine for your skin with Derma Care. Tender care mild skin caring ingr..
Rs 165.00
Medi Tar Contains a unique blend of vegetable and mineral natural ingredients effective in persistent flaking skin.Directions for Use:Using luke warm water , gently rub Medi Tar on the skin until a ricj lather is produced. Massage briskly and rinse thoroughly. Repeat the procedure, if necessary.Caut..
Rs 165.00
Brand: DERMA TECHNO PAKISTAN Model: Neuage Face Wash
The # 1 Dermatologist recommended Acne Cleanser combines the powerful Acne Treatment and Cleanser in 1 Formula to treat and help prevent breakouts in 1 simple step. It eliminate oil and unclogs pores while its medicine treats breakouts even blackheads. Effectively yet gentle. It will not over dry or..
Rs 635.00
Brand: DERMA TECHNO PAKISTAN Model: Moisturizing Milk
Whitening Body Milk is the ultimate formulation that provides triple action on skin Moisturizing, Whitening & Brightening with the help of a comnination of Plant Derived active ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin to provide enduring action.How to apply :Apply liberally all over the bod..
Rs 1,245.00
Brand: DERMA TECHNO PAKISTAN Model: Sebum Control
Neuage Sun Screen is the advanced combination of broad spectrum protection with SPF-40+ Plus powerful anti oxident, restores optimal moisture levels, reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Features incrediby fast absorbing lightweight & non greasy texture. Idea for very sensitive skin ( sun protect..
Rs 1,380.00
Brand: DERMA TECHNO PAKISTAN Model: U-Veil Cream
U- Veil advanced formula helps to maintain sun protection all day long. It eliminates acute photo sensitivity reactions and manages various photodermatoses. It reduces chances of UVB induced carcinogenesis.How to Apply:Apply U-Veil liberally to all exposed areas before sun exposure. Regular use of U..
Rs 340.00
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